Award winning artist Susan Castriota has illustrated hundreds of custom drawings of landmarks and famous places for over twenty years. Her holiday greeting cards have been featured at Marshall Fields, Saks, and even the White House gift shop. Her calendar series, Pittsburgh Illustrated has become an institution that Western Pennsylvanians have enjoyed for the last twentythree years. Former clients include various corporations, politicians, fundraising entities, and the Pittsburgh Steelers Football Organization.

This web site features her most recent creations as well as other special renderings. Using an exclusive technique, Susan has developed over thirty years of images and greeting cards appropriate for all occasions. Cards can be personalized with a name/ logo or a standard greeting. Each card is individually printed on quality coated stock from the master illustration. Her detailed drawings are created free hand without the aide of a computer.

Commissions for drawings have come from libraries, law firms, contractors, advertising agencies and historical societies. Other patrons include individual homeowners wishing to showcase their cherished residence.

For an individual consultation with Susan call (412) 833-7556

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